Through Fairfax Food Service, we offer healthy, affordable, and delicious meals Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Fridays (on regular dismissal days). For more than 35 years, Fairfax has specialized in high-quality, high-value food service. Now more than ever, they place a special emphasis on nutrition, and on crafting school menus that are both healthy and appealing at the same time. Because students who eat nutritious meals at school will not only have the foundation of a healthy diet – they’ll also be more receptive to lessons and activities in your classrooms. Fairfax Food Service offers smart foods for hungry minds.

As healthy as our lunches are, so too are the students' after care snacks. Our Extended Care Program Director purchases nutritious snack options that continue to power the students through their after care activities.

On Thursdays, our students purchase and enjoy Domino's Pizza.

In addition, the students may purchase ice cream during lunch time on Thursdays.

Each month, the menus are available here.

Fairfax Food Service Hot Lunch

Effective August 2017, the new rate (excluding sales & use tax) for Fairfax Food Service will be $5.10 for lunch only and an additional $0.25 for a beverage. The annual cost for milk will be $60. Please read their attached instructions for purchasing hot lunch.