St Philip The Apostle Catholic School

Middle School Information

Happy end of the school year!


My name is Ms. Paterson, and I will be your child's homeroom and English/Literature teacher next year. I look forward to the new year and my role as your child's guide to success in Middle School. It will start with time management and written expression of reading comprehension over the summer as they complete projects for me.

I have handed out the information for the summer reading project and explained my expectations to the students. I want to make sure you also have an electric copy and a schedule for the Edmodo responses.

Please schedule these future assignment dates in with all the other wonderful plans you have for the summer.

Summer Posting Schedule with Due Dates

Posting Dates:      DUE Dates:

#1 6/18/17          _____  7/2/17

#2 7/2/17            _____ 7/16/17

#3 7/16/17          _____ 7/30/17

#4 7/30/17          _____ 8/13/17

#5 8/13/17          _____ 8/27/17

(You have two weeks to complete each assignment. All assignments must be completed before the start of the new school year in order to receive full credit.)

Reach out to me via email if you or your child has any trouble accessing the site or procuring a copy of the required book.

God Bless,
Ms. Paterson